Worker Drone Queen Ep

by The Janitors

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All songs written, produced, recorded and mixed by The Janitors in Studio Psychgrottan.

Blog love about Worker Drone Queen:

“The showstopper has hit early on and Do It Again rips right into the fabric of the desert road. It´s a pure 6 minute masterpiece of bass driven, sun scorched psychedelia.
Foxy Digitalis

‎”I’ve been listening to this EP repeatedly, the riffs have stayed firmly implanted in my brain, and I don’t want them to leave”
Noise In the zenarcade

‎”First i heard the song ”Do it again” and it blew my fucking mind away. They are the next big fucking thing,believe me people”
Psychedelic sounds for my soul

“Trust us, it’s rad”

“Troubling shoegaze-psych bubbles and pops in a smoking cauldron, swirling around endlessly in a violent motion just like the haunting, repetitive nature of each of their songs. Hidden in the depths of this perpetual downward spiral are all sorts of jarring, metallic noise attacks that will leave you cringing in the midst of the wicked bliss. Everything about their sound and their aesthetic absolutely suggests a dark and threatening underworld, plagued by a wrathful, spiteful rage that will never feel any remorse for the torment it has caused.”
The Styrofoam Drone

”Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, our guests today have created a mesmerizing EP which has held my ears’ interest since first hearing it” Trip Inside this House

“If you enjoy effects-laden, blues-croon driven, neopsych space oddities, you’ll like The Janitors.” Drug Punk

“Their fondness for mixing a bit of noisy menace into their catchy confections. Bringing a bit of Velvet Underground-inflected darkness and a Black Angels-esque penchant for the-whole-shithouse-is-going-up-in-flames vocals.. I’ll take a tab of that, thanks, and wash it down with this here whiskey. Keep it comin’”
Los Grillos Collective

“Get dirty and fuzzy with swedens The Janitors! They Rule”
Ryan Muldon - Revolt of the Apes

“If Nick Cave decided to start a shoegaze band, I think it might sound a little like The Janitors ‘Death Song’” Sounds better with reverb

“Swedish bastards are doing damn good! The reverb adoring strangers from Stockholm have no album, but that will not last long. The janitors surf the same waves as The Black Angels and Wooden Shjips and deliver you the hottest closed eye visuals without tripping.”
Cultus Online

“Personally I found their gloomily reverberated sound to be most refreshing”

”A fortunate combination of noise, pop, psychedelia and shoegaze makes it very interesting new EP”

“This is music for post-coital listening in the dark.”
Jelly Roll for the Earhole

“Get in the dark psychedelic groove with this Stockholm, Sweden foursome. Future Austin Psych Fest-ers perhaps?”



released February 23, 2012



all rights reserved


The Janitors Sweden

Peddlers of heavy drones and fuzzed nightmares since 2004


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